Our Guiding Principles

It takes a team of experts – investment managers, accountants, attorneys, and business advisers – working in unison, to properly serve the needs of high-net worth families.

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At Collective Family Office, we are your CFO, serving as your advocate, and integrating the advice from these specialists in order to help you better manage your family’s financial and intergenerational affairs.

With an average of over 20 years of experience serving affluent families, a deep commitment to supporting the Central Pennsylvania community, and the support of local business professionals, we look forward to helping your family achieve your financial goals through advice tailored to your family’s unique needs.

Families of significant wealth often share similar aspirations, but every family is also unique. We believe managing wealth is about matching strategies with your specific goals such as preserving what you have already worked hard to achieve and securing an impactful legacy for the future.



Achieve Goals that Matter Most to Your Family


Investing & Preserving Assets


Preparing the Next Generation 


Business Continuity & Succession Planning


Defining a Family Legacy


Engaging in Philanthropy


Transferring Wealth


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